Personal Insurance

Understanding that anything worth anything, deserves to be protected.

Personal Insurances

Getting advice and ensuring you have a well structured protection plan in place, allows you to focus on recovery and not worrying about finances. Personal insurance cover is to protect you and your family in case something happens that impacts your health and ability to earn an income. It includes:

  • Life Insurance provides a lump sum payment in the event of death or terminal illness. It’s the most common form of cover and helps ensure that your family is financially safe and secure.
  • TPD – this type of insurance helps to take care of things if the insured person is unable to work again due to sickness or injury. Benefits paid can be used to cover medical costs, make necessary modifications to the home, or supplement personal income.
  • Trauma Insurance provides a lump sum payment when a specified critical illness occurs. This type of cover is designed to help with the financial impact of illnesses such as heart attacks and cancer.
  • Income Protection Insurance is designed to help make ends meet if you’re unable to work due to sickness or injury. The premiums paid for Income Protection Insurance are usually tax deductable.

We make it easy

We take all of the hassle out of organising life insurances. We look after everything for you. From the initial advice, to completing applications, to negotiating with insurers to get the best terms. True North also reviews your insurances as your circumstances change and of course, we help you through any claims. For more information contact us >

What are the risks? Considering your exposure to health risks

Understanding your potential exposure to health problems is important. Here is an example of some research that breaks down the likelihood of an insurable event happening to a 30 year old male before the age of 70. Bad things can happen to good people and situations can change in an instant, having a major impact on financial goals at the same time. That’s why we encourage you to protect yourself. The consequence of having no protection plan in the event that something happens to you can have serious impact on your families well being and security.

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