When your investments are managed, the results are even greater.

  • Mortgage Brokers / Bankers We have extensive contacts within the banking sector and mortgage broking industry. If you need help in buying a new home, getting business finance, are refinancing or just need a referral for a private banker please let us know.
  • Accountants whether you have mum or dad tax needs, work in a specialised industry or run an SME we can put you in touch with a accountant that suits you.
  • Estate Planning If you’ve never done a will or it needs updating, or want to put Powers of Attorney in place, please let us know and we can refer you to reliable and professional lawyers.
  • Claims assistance you may not have set up cover through us, but have some insurances as part of your superannuation or a group plan. If you’re having issues or need assistance with a claim then please let us know so that we can help.
  • Financial Planning If you haven’t reviewed your super for a while and want to chat to a good adviser to ensure that your investments are on track for a financially secure retirement then we can recommended and work with excellent fee for service advisers.

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